Kits and Project Packs (Discounted Yarn)

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Pineapple Smoothie
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Katia Nana Baby Blanket Crochet Kit
Donkey - 008
Penguin - 186
RSY Beginner Crochet Germantown Old Blue
RSY Beginner Crochet Germantown Jade
Mary Mouse and Friends
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Knitting Kit
Spring Lamb
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RSY Beginner Crochet Germantown Sage
RSY Intermediate Knit Kit Celtic Aran
RSY Project Pack Maggie Wrap (Light Grey) (Intermediate)
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RSY Project Pack Midori Shawl (Light Grey) (Intermediate)
RSY Project Pack Midori Shawl (Light Brown) (Intermediate)
Emerald City, Cardomom, Purple Rain, Natural
Moon Shadow/Natural
Blues & Brights
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